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WHAT IS Poeta?
Poeta is the Priestess of Sex and Emotion. She lives the Hottest Reality Ever!
She is the Flame that no one forgets in their whole lifetime.
She creates only from the hottest fantasy.
8 week online group coaching program
In this intensive immersion you will learn the highest manifestation technique and deeply connect with your feminine #firecore and create LEGENDARY ABUNDANCE from there.
You will liberate your #fireflame, this is the root of all your ALIVENESS and your biggest manifesting POWER.
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& HOTTEST #dreamlife
You will manifest your hottest reality ever, 100% soul-aligned.
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You will be fully booked out with the hottest clients & earn the legendary income in a happy way.
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The goal is to be reborn in your most sexual, free in your dream and legendary abundance...and magic
Meet Kat

Hi I'm Kat, I'm a self-made multi-millionaire and women liberation business coach.

My dream has always been to liberate women from suppression and help them live their hottest #dreamlife.
With my manifestation mastery technique, I liberated myself from living a stuck, surpassed life in Germany and manifested amazing dreamlife & income. I made 7.5 million while traveling the world and enjoying the luxuries until I moved to my soul's home, Los Angeles. In my business, I also led 100+ women into their own liberation & helped them manifest their first 5 figures, then 6 and then (multi) millions.

At first, my liberation was amazing but as I was making more and more money I started compromising my true energy and playing by the rules until I got Frozen & suppressed again - and this time it was even more painful because I couldn't lie to myself that it was about money.

And this is when I had my greatest revelation. I realized that the biggest pain doesn't come from not having money but it comes from not living & doing business in your True Energy - not expressing your hottest fire, wild sexuality and not living your deepest dream. The biggest pain is always in suppression (and this is also the biggest money block for sensual, high-frequency women).

With Poeta coaching programme I'm re-claiming my biggest dream of leading women into a complete 100% unapologetic liberation. POETA woman is the one who will never compromise her energy and expression so I bring to you this programme without any compromise on my part. With Poeta, I give you my greatest truth (the truth I was hiding so far): the truth that Sexuality is the KEY to liberation - and the only way to TRUE FREEDOM & ALIVENESS & #dreamlife & Hottest Income.



Poeta has saved my life.
Los Angeles, California
Poeta is the invitation for taking manifestation so deeply serious. Only the hottest is allowed to choose.
Happy client
Berlin, Germany
ARE YOU Poeta?

You are a supersensual, deeply emotional woman with big longing for wild, free, electric life.

You are the poet, the artist, the rebel, the magician, the healer, the dreamer, the goddess... the Priestess of Sex..

You were born to unleash your unique art, your beauty and your high frequency onto this world and live the wildest supersexual #dreamlife while everyone watches you in awe.

you want...

You want to be free, move freely through the matrix of life and manifest all your hottest dreams and fantasies at once.

You want to feel the wind on your skin, play in the sun, dance, do art and make money from this.

You want to travel to exotic places, great cities, meet people and explore the world. You want to wear high heels and short dresses and feel sexy and feminine.

You want to feel the pleasure, the ecstasy deeply in your body and for every corner of your soul to be electrified with life.
You want that moment of sexual ecstasy and bliss to spill over into your life... meeting of two lips, skin against the skin, the sweat, the overflowing LOVE in your heart, this intense feeling to become your entire life.

You want to stop hiding! - stop hiding your beauty, your art, your TRUE energy.

You want to completely break free into the (spot)light and show the world how strong your FIRE really is!

You want to have followers that admire you, dream about you and can't take their eyes off you and to know that they will never forget you because your energy is so strong that it changed them forever.

You want to turn your business & life into hot sexual electric poetry and be happy.

You want to break free into complete freedom and independence and activate the deepest money magic.

And you want it to be easy, easy, easy, easy easy, have money that comes EASY, clients that come EASY - no effort, no drain, no heaviness!

but you are stuck...

Yet somehow, despite all your Dreams, all your intensity and FIRE, you got stuck living this strange frozen "good girl" life where everything around you feels dead and your magic is never fully expressed, not in your life, not in your business.

You are longing to show the world the burning FIRE and beauty that you feel inside but years go and you remain stuck in the same place: sitting, thinking, dreaming....not moving... silent... nothing ever really changes.

No matter what you do, your daily reality always pulls you back into what feels like a prison of constantly dealing with things that don't fill you up. You spend days chained to your desk, your kids / clients are screaming. Years or even decades have gone by like this.

And you feel so numb, dead inside.. but ANGRY!
It's like you can’t find space to follow your dream, do your art and live your true life.

You invested time & money in manifestation and business programmes but somehow things always get so hard and you always end up in the exact same place - with no life, no joy, no money & no clients, feeling completely drained and separated from LIFE.

And now you are getting older, your beauty is fading and you feel this deep pain when you think of how many years you've wasted living like this - with this big energy inside that is hidden from the world - never showing your true beauty and potential, never sharing with the world your art and your soul and never FULLY living your life.


You think: "Maybe I need to become more organized, follow the "business" advice better, get better clients, fix my website, launch my online course/coaching program that I secretly wish I didn't have to do at all... then, maybe then I will get more money, more time and be finally free to do what I really want."

But this is not the reason why you feel trapped and why your life feels dead, dear Priestess!

The REAL reason why your life can't move is that you listened to the wrong people who gave you wrong advice that wasn't right for you.
You see, we live in a world full of LIARS that every day tell us harmful LIES about how things "should" be and of what is appropriate and what isn't. These same LIARS then give us business strategies and systems to follow that trap us and violate the wild nature of a Poet woman like you and me.

For a sensitive woman like you, it only takes one wrong sentence said by the "right" person that you trust or admire for your heart to close off forever and for the fear of judgment to shut down your body and take over your decision-making process.

And because of this fear, a fire rebel woman starts following the rules of outside world and then she gets stuck in a dead linear world with no way out.

And this is why you can't break free.You are paralyzed by fear.

You are hiding your true energy because to face the fear of judgment is too painful. You've masked this fear by weird manifestations of having no time at all or no energy but this is your LIE to yourself, drear Priestess. The truth is you are afraid to follow your inner knowing and express the wild rebel inside you because the shame of showing your true energy to the world is too strong. So you hold back, hiding behind a safe, polished "good girl" facade, you follow the rules, you don't disturb the waters and you are waiting for something to save you from all of this.

What are you waiting for?

Well, you've been waiting for THIS moment, the POETA is your GATE out of this!

The time has come now to stop living in this good-girl protection state and face the pain, the shame and activate your wildfire.

You are the REBEL, you are the firewoman, and it's time now to let this part of you OUT.

And your sexual energy is the KEY to this.

Only your sexual energy has the power to melt the frozen girl that you've become and activate all your hottest fantasies and make them your life.

And this is where we will START.




Liberate your Sexual Priestess


in 8 weeks:




Manifest your hottest reality ever




I am a lover,
I am a child,
I am the wisest,
I know sexuality from the deepest ancient initiation.
I am the Poet of this Universe.
I bring you your forgotten Soul.
Electrify your body with me.
Become the immortal.
Your heart wants to be awakened to feel.

I take you on the deepest journey to your deepest soul...
Your femininity will be new born.

Your feminine sexuality
is the most sacred...

Come bloom child.
Journey with me home.

Awakening the priestess of sex within you.

Your sexual energy is the root of all your ALIVENESS and your biggest manifestation power.
In our world, sexuality is judged, manipulated and seen as something superficial. Most women have their sexuality suppressed and feel shameful of it - this is also why most people have no income and no fun in their life!

But Sexual Energy is the opposite of superficial! Sexual Energy is the most powerful energy on this planet! Sexual energy = Creative energy. With this energy, the Universe was created. Planets are moving now because of this energy! This is the energy that creates LIFE!

A lot of sensitive women close off their sexuality early in life out of fear of judgment and don't want to get in contact with this part of themselves for a long time because it is too painful.
But you will never be able to manifest your #Dreamlife by cutting yourself from this great power. Your sexuality is the KEY to greatest, easiest income, to ease, to ecstasy and to your hottest reality ever.

In Poeta intensive immersive group coaching programme Kat will guide you to open up your feminine core and to let the world finally see you in your beauty and witness the raw expression of your sensual, hot, pure creative soul.

You will receive an Initiation into your #fireflame - the root of your aliveness and manifestation power. Then you will learn the best and most powerful manifestation technique from your #firecore that will liberate you and create SUPERFAST results in your business & life.

Sexuality is money, sexuality is aliveness and it all comes from your #firecore.

LIVE your hottest reality ever!

The hottest Dream,

the hottest Dream,

the even hottest dream.

This is where Poeta starts to open her eyes and breath, she is the wildest hungry Poet, allow her to Dream and to paint. Allow her to come back to her deepest innocent pure heart and all her wildest Dreams. Her heart will explode and giving her what she wants to feel brings you the Biggest Universal Abundance.

If Poeta firewoman doesn't live in her true place - A REALITY THAT ELECTRIFIES HER - she becomes silent, invisible and this is very violent to her body!

So living #Dreamlife isn't luxury for POETA Woman but, it is staying healthy!

This is why in Poeta intensive immersive group coaching programme you will learn the Highest Mastery Manifestation Technique and start living your #dreamlife in 8 weeks.

"Normal" people can function in the "normal" world and have "normal" desires, or so called "life goals", but you, the Firewoman are screaming inside! Living a normal, boring life, and manifesting the same boring dreams as everyone else, or compromising one dream for another - this suffocates you and makes you feel dead inside. The reason is that you are not "normal"! You are an artist, a POETA, a high-frequency sexual priestess, for you, not living and manifesting all your HOTTEST Dreams feels like you are being cut off from your lifeblood.

In just 8 weeks you will burn in your sexuality, you will meet your lovers, you have created the most poetic soul dream for you and you are going, you are going, you are going.



5+ figures every month

be fully booked out with hottest clients

Legendary Money & Money Manifestation.
Poeta, the Dreamer.
Within sexual open core, with all your dreams allowed and opened,
you can manifest your hottest soul income.
Take the abundance from your hottest soul.
Manifest with me Legendary income.
Fully booked out is our beginning.
I show you how to be fully booked out.
The poet is always fully booked out.
And the poet knows also other income streams.

Live your abundance independent, from your soul.

What if making money could be a very easy and happy thing?
What if you could follow your love your beauty and sexuality and be fully booked out by this?

In Poeta online coaching programme we take 6 weeks to ignite your fireflame and then all the business comes in just 2 weeks...
For 6 weeks we focus only on the rebellious opening of your sexual energy. We take these full 6 weeks for the feminine because only out of this a true liberating business can be manifested.

Making money doesn't need to feel this hard! You don't have to accept the LIES that you've been told about how business is done, you don't have to follow liner systems that suppress you created by those who never understood your rebel energy.

Sexual Priestess needs EASY money that supports her in being the #fireflame and to live fully free life in her TRUE energy.

Imagine having a business that is your ARTWORK, created from your soul's guidance.

In Poeta intensive immersive group online coaching programme Kat will show you how to (in just 8 weeks) be fully independent and have your own online business that brings you minimum of 5 figures a month - every month and that FEELS EASY. In 8 weeks you will be fully liberated from everything that now feels heavy, stagnant and restricted in your business & life. You will feel alive again and be fully booked out with the hottest clients!
You will fully start expressing your soul's raw beauty and your sexuality in your business and you will teach other Priestess women how to do the same as a trained sexual healer!

#Money #manifestation #dreamlife #sexuality

Your 8-week journey to your complete liberation


Poeta helped me realize that I was playing a "good girl" for a decade, hiding behind slow moving "busy work" when in truth I'm a rebel inside. Thank you Kat, for showing me the truth!
London, UK
Poeta has saved my life.
Los Angeles, California
Poeta is the invitation for taking manifestation so deeply serious. Only the hottest is allowed to choose.
Happy client
Berlin, Germany


Kat has created a completely new FEMININE STRATEGY.
Kat has created a new feminine strategy that is the opposite of linear strategies that you've been following so far that trapped you and prevented the movement.
This new strategy is a feminine high mastery tool - a feminine manifestation technique. It is a goddess fire opening technique. In 4 steps daily in the morning, and 4 steps daily in the evening you will activate the guidance from your #firecore. By doing this sacred practice every day the same with complete precision the wave will start taking you deeper and deeper into your truth. Every day you will go deeper into your knowing, deeper into liberation, deeper into receiving until you are reborn into complete independence - you will follow your inner true knowing instead of the LIES of this world.

Linear Business strategy
Too open

Too much is left for interpretation on how to then apply the technique in your own business. And too much interpretation makes you feel so insecure. It leads to overthinking, delays and stagnation.

It Trappes you

Following dead systems created by others and trying to fit them into your business feels so slow, difficult and stagnant. It also makes you feel very unsafe because you are afraid to do it "wrong" because if you make a mistake it may not work for you.

Kat's revolutionary strategy

Very clear instructions on how to do it, which makes you feel safe and secure. Very specific tools! There is no space for interpretation and thinking. It's like driving formula 1, there is no room for hesitation.

It Liberates you

Following very simple specific tools every day, in the same way, relaxes you and liberates you from overthinking. Your #firecore gets more intense, your manifestation comes faster, impulse gets more clear and the money starts to flow! You learn to trust your own deepest guidance.



Opening the core is scary. Getting deep into the knowing, beyond all lies and judgment of the world can feel violent to the parts of you that are breaking free. The terror barrier is a point in an opening journey that high-energy women run away from because they are too vulnerable to handle being in their true expression. They feel exposed like they have done something wrong and they go back into hiding and suppression.
You've most likely already been at this barrier point many times, maybe even without knowing it because this is often very subconscious. The fear of breaking free is so deep that most women cover it with lies and tell themselves that they are "not ready", or that "this isn't for me" or that "I need to learn that business strategy first" etc...

Women need professional guidance to fully break through their own lies and through their own fears and get pass this barrier.
But this terror barrier, though scary, can also be the most beautiful and liberating Gate when you are in the company of a high professional coach.

The running away stops and your super success gets very close.

In Poeta group coaching program Kat will guide you through this barrier.
Kat specializes in bringing women to the complete edge and then through! This time, you WILL break free!


In Poeta coaching program you will also benefit from a high-frequency Priestess Temple, a group of other firewomen coaches going through this journey with you. Priestess temple is such a loving and hot space that you will just melt by the energy. This is your "coming home". In the temple you are always welcome with all your fears, all your hiding, all the loneliness, feeling separated, your anger, all feelings are very welcome there.

In the highest presence of Kats energy and other high mastery women you will be led to go all the way in your opening and receiving - without turning back - you have to go all the way to fully receive your dream.


WEEK 1 - 5

For 5 weeks we concentrate only on awakening your feminine energy and on initiation into your Priestess of Sex - receiving and manifesting your biggest soul dream & understanding the deepness of your soul dream.
You will learn the difference between soul manifestation and manifestation from the mind and will go so deep within your dreams as never before. You will break free from conditioning and dare to: Dream the hottest, manifest the hottest - without subconscious fear and subconscious judgment sabotage. This is a highly poetic, reality creation! You are allowed, invited and supported to concentrate only on the hottest point - and this is the only Reality you from now on choose!


Biggest #dreamlife creation. After 6 weeks you will have the clearest knowing about your deepest soul hotness. There is nothing between you and your soul anymore. You have changed your reality from the surpassed, conditioned, cold world to your hottest, expressive, vibrating luxury Poeta Paradise.

WEEk 7

From this New Soul Dimension, we look and build up your business. We improve your current Online Business to your Soul Stream.
Intense week:
- Daily meetings 4 hours:
- Day 1: Downloading your Soul Programm from the Soul
- Day 2: Knowing and understanding your Dream Client - Using Kats Mastery Tool to ATTRACT them!
- Day 3: Brand Identity Map - take your position! Be super-clear who you are, who are you not!! This makes selling easy and true also for all clients who join you. They will understand exactly what you say.
- Day 4: Goddess Marketing
- Day 5: Building up the WAVE of being fully booked out. Understanding the wave.

Week 8

Riding the wave of being fully booked out. Understanding the 3 stages of the wave. Breaking free into your truest Poeta Expression.
You have liberated yourself. You are showing yourself to the world! You are in your most true Sexual Expression! You live your Sexual Self. You became the healer, the master, the Poet of the Love World. You are super clear on your dream and it has already manifested in your life. You start making 5 figures this week. You understand how to be in 5 figures every week/month. You are forever free! You have owned the mastery wisdom of feminine manifestation. You are creating all, all, all your dreams at once, every day. You understand why you can’t separate any dream anymore.

What comes next?

You are ready to know if you want to become a Poeta Priestess Goddess Millionaire. And you will be ready for it.

With your Mastery Exam, you have become a Consultant for Dreamlife Business & Life. To be fully approved for the yearly certificate, you must show that you have done 3 groups a year. And invite Kat for a call into each group.

WHAT will

Facebook group

Private Facebook Group - A Sexual Priestess temple

2 group calls a week

2 Group calls a week with high energy women and Kat

personal Souldownload

A personal Soul Download from Kat (one-on-one call with Kat for 3 hours)


Diploma as Poeta Sexual Healer - certified sexual coach


Kat certified #dreamlife Manifestation Coach

Initiation into Priestess of sex

You will be fully initiated into Priestess of Sex and fully awakened your inner #fireflame


Best Feminine Ecstatic Manifestations Technique
4 Steps to freedom in Poeta Electric Way!
Living from the Soul!
Ecstasy, orgasmic energy as daily fuel
Activation of your Soulstream
Activation of your sexual, true energy


How to be always fully booked out!

How to ATTRACT your dream client from inside

Manifesting your fully booked out coaching business!

Supersucess through MARKETING OF TRUTH

Supersucess through your Core Fire Energy

No taxes, when you do it right!  

Booked out every time you launch

5 figures every month

Investment into your goddess is always your money growth

Overcome hiding and self-betray in the most ecstatic way

Heal self-sabotaging and resistance through my special tools

Building up your own online business in the easiest way - become Consultant for #dreamlife manifestation with Kat  

If you have an online business already, book it out and stay successful!


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"Change your Life & Business in 8 weeks by liberating your Sexual & Money & Goddess FIRE"